Oakland Post: Oakland Teachers Vote to Authorize Strike

Teachers Vote to Authorize Strike Against School Districtmay faircontractnow


Strike Authorization Vote–94% YES

With about 2300 members, OEA had only about 700 members vote on a strike authorization.  Where’s the other 70% and what are they thinking?  Why didn’t they turn out to vote?  And while 94% of about 700 voted YES on a strike authorization, we hope a tentative agreement can be reached.

March For Schools Oakland Students Deserve

Save the Date!

Join Oakland teachers, students and families to March for the Schools Oakland Students Deserve.

3:00 Family-friendly activities at San Antonio Park (face painting, music, sign making)

4:00 Rally
4:30 March to OUSD headquarters (1000 Broadway)

We march for:
— A better contract for students and teachers – Class size matters! Invest in teachers to stay in Oakland!
— Keep Public Schools Public – No school closures and charter conversions!
— Smaller Caseloads for Special Education – Special Education students deserve high quality education & individualized attention!
— Money for school sites not upper admin! Send funding to school sites–more teachers, aides, counselors, staff, and supplies.
— Counselors not Cops!!! – With just the money OUSD is spending on school police, the district could place a full-time restorative justice counselor in every school

Organizations endorsing so far: Work2Rule schools, Classroom Struggle, OUSD Parents United, OEA Special Ed Caucus, Bilingual Educators for Social Transformation (Dept. of Elementary Education, SFSU), Urban Education and Social Justice Program at University of San Francisco, Bay Area Parent Leadership Action Network (PLAN)

Schools participating so far: Montera, Melrose, Montclair, CCPA, Oakland Tech, MLK, Joaquin Miller, Manzanita SEED, Crocker Highland, Edna Brewer, Sojourner Truth, Castlemont, ICS, Metwest, Cleveland, Oakland High, Carl Munck, La Escuelita, Laurel, Bella Vista, Hillcrest, Manzanita Community, Glenview, Franklin, Sequoia


Antwan Wilson Visits Cleveland Elementary

Yesterday, March 17, Oakland Schools’ Superintendent, Antwan Wilson, visited our school.  A group of dedicated parents were there to greet him.  Passing by them twice, he neither greeted them nor acknowledged their presence.  What’s up with that, Supt. Wilson?

“Although Mr. Wilson would not acknowledge us we did get waves and even a “thumbs up” from his entourage. The fact he did not look let us know that he was aware of our presence.”

Where's Supt. Wilson?
Where’s Supt. Wilson?

Fed up: OUSD work-to-rule schools hit 34…….

These are the OUSD schools that are or have worked to rule in some capacity

1.Montera Middle
2.Joaquin Miller Elementary
3.Montclair Elementary
4.Cleveland Elementary
5.Esperanza Elementary
6.Kaiser Elementary
7.Sequoia Elementary
8.Edna Brewer Middle School
9.Carl B. Munck Elementary
10.New Highland
11.Glenview Elementary
12.Melrose Leadership Academy
14.Howard Elementary
15.Rise Community School
16.Manzanita Seed
17.Crocker Highlands Elementary
18.Emerson Elementary
19.Laurel Elementary
23.Oakland High
24.International Community
26.Kaiser Elementary
28.Piedmont Ave
32.Bella Vista
33.La Escuelita
34.REACH Academy